What is CV Bond?

CV Bond is a cutting-edge windscreen strengthener developed with unique technology to enhance automotive safety. It excels in reinforcing windscreens against the usual wear and tear from road use, notably increasing resistance to impact and reducing the likelihood of damage from road debris. This strengthener also features an advanced water-repellent component, which works to keep the windscreen clear and improve visibility for drivers, especially under challenging weather conditions. Its formulation aims to fortify the structural integrity of glass, making it tougher and more resistant to breakage. This product offers a significant upgrade in both safety and durability for vehicle windscreens.

CV BOND Benefits & Features

Increases Windscreen Impact Resistance

Decreases Windscreen Repair & Replacement Costs

Improves Windscreen Visibility

Warranty coverage on cracks*

Reducing the carbon footprint

Perfect for Fleets


Drive Assured: Our Warranty Promise

Experience unmatched peace of mind with our robust warranty coverage, available exclusively through our certified dealers. We take immense pride in our warranty, designed to offer you a worry-free experience, assuring your complete satisfaction and confidence in the enduring quality and performance of our product.

Stronger glass for a safer tomorrow

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