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CV-Bond is Validated to Reduce Glass Maintenance Expense due to Windscreen Chip Repair or Replacement

CV-Bond Reduces Off Road Maintenance Downtime by Keeping Your Vehicle Operational

Reduced Windscreen Damage
Reduced Off Road Vehicle Downtime
Increased Revenue

Market for Windscreen Repair & Replacement

According to IbisWorld, the U.S. market size, measured by revenue, of the auto windscreen repair services industry is $5.5bn in 2022. Millions of windscreens repaired and replaced every year, and the advent of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) will continue to increase windscreen repair and replacement expenses in the industry.

The expense to replace ADAS windscreens is driving demand for strengthened glass. Replacement costs of windscreens can increase up to $2,500 with ADAS in addition to additional downtime for ADAS windscreens not calibrated properly when replaced. Further, 100 percent of vehicles manufactured by 2022 will include ADAS features.

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